John Trubee

and the Ugly Janitors of America

John Trubee photo by Wild Don Lewis

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Mastering 3 LPs Next Week

I will be in Los Angeles next week November 11th to master 3 LPs. They are NUDE WOMAN EXDOCRIUS, and A BLIND MAN’S PENIS by THE UGLY JANITORS OF AMERICA. Additionally am mastering CONTINUING WHERE THE BEATLES LEFT OFF… by GLOOP NOX AND THE STIK PEOPLE. I will then run the master copies over to…

Trubee at United Mutations

John Trubee’s page at UNITED MUTATIONS, the Frank Zappa website

New Gloop Nox and the Stik People LP Coming Soon!

  Leaked cover art for the upcoming new Gloop Nox and the Stik People LP


  This is the cover art for Trubee’s upcoming LP, currently in production.